Vincent Cardoza is the owner and manager of a machine
Vincent Cardoza is the owner and manager of a machine shop that does custom order work. This Wednesday afternoon, he has received calls from two customers who would like to place rush orders. One is a trailer hitch company which would like some custom-made heavy-duty tow bars. The other is a mini-car-carrier company which needs some customized stabilizer bars. Both customers would like as many as possible by the end of the week (two working days). Since both products would require the use of the same two machines, Vincent needs to decide and inform the customers this afternoon about how many of each product he will agree to make over the next two days.
Each tow bar requires 3.2 hours on machine 1 and 2 hours on machine 2. Each stabilizer bar requires 2.4 hours on machine 1 and 3 hours on machine 2. Machine 1 will be available for 16 hours over the next two days and machine 2 will be available for 15 hours. The profit for each tow bar produced would be $130 and the profit for each stabilizer bar produced would be $150.
Vincent now wants to determine the mix of these production quantities that will maximize the total profit.
(a) Formulate an IP model for this problem.
(b) Use a graphical approach to solve this model.
(c) Use the computer to solve the model.
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