Question: Virtually all restaurants attempt to have three seatings on weekend

Virtually all restaurants attempt to have three “seatings” on weekend nights. Three seatings means that each table gets three different sets of customers. Obviously, any group that lingers over dessert and coffee may result in the loss of one seating and profit for the restaurant. In an effort to determine which types of groups tend to linger a random sample of 150 groups was drawn. For each group, the number of members and the length of time that the group stayed were recorded in the following way:
Column A: Length of time for 2 people
Column B: Length of time for 3 people
Column C: Length of time for 4 people
Column D: Length of time for more than 4 people
Do these data allow us to infer that the length of time in the restaurant depends on the size of the party?

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