Question: Viscosity determination with a rotating cylinder viscometer

Viscosity determination with a rotating-cylinder viscometer, it is desired to measure the viscosities of sucrose solutions of about 60% concentration by weight at about 20oC with a rotating-cylinder viscometer such as that shown in Fig. 3.5-1. This instrument has an inner cylinder 4.000 cm in diameter surrounded by a rotating concentric cylinder 4.500 cm in diameter. The length L is 4.00 cm. The viscosity of a 60% sucrose solution at 20oC is about 57 cp, and its density is about 1.29 g/cm3. On the basis of past experience it seems possible that end effects will be important, and it is therefore decided to calibrate the viscometer by measurements on some known solutions of approximately the same viscosity as those of the unknown sucrose solutions. Determine a reasonable value for the applied torque to be used in calibration if the torque measurements are reliable within 100 dyne/cm and the angular velocity can be measured within 0.5%. What will be the resultant angular velocity?

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