Vish Limited reported a cash balance of $ 36,000 in the general ledger, but the bank statement reported a balance of $ 27,900 at the end of September 20X9. You have ascertained that the bank cashed a cheque on this account, in the amount of $ 5,500, which was actually issued by Mish Limited; this was an error made by the bank. There was also an outstanding deposit of $ 4,900, an amount that was deposited by Vish at the end of September ater the bank cut- of. Outstanding cheques were $ 2,500, and there was an error made by Vish’s bookkeeper, who recorded a cheque to a supplier at $ 1,200 when it was really $ 2,100. Bank fees of $ 400 have not yet been recorded by Vish, and neither was a direct deposit of $ 1,100 by a customer, who paid Vish directly to Vish’s bank account.

Prepare a bank reconciliation as of the end of September, 20X9.

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