Question: Visit the Web site of the Wild Cat Zoo in

Visit the Web site of the Wild Cat Zoo in southern California ( Classify each of the following risks using Brown’s taxonomy. Also suggest one or more internal controls to address each risk. For each internal control you suggest, specify which broad purpose(s) of internal control it satisfies, as well as whether it is preventive/detective/corrective in nature. Explain your responses.
a. The zoo fails to attract a sufficient number of visitors.
b. One or more animals get sick.
c. The zoo’s Web site becomes unavailable due to a computer virus.
d. Promotional and educational literature contain errors of fact about the animals and the zoo’s operating hours.
e. One of the animals escapes because a keeper fails to lock its cage securely.
f. An employee falsifies his/her credentials to obtain a position as a veterinarian.
g. The zoo’s admission prices are prohibitively high for school groups.
h. The zoo loses its 501(c)(3) status with the Internal Revenue Service.
i. The gift shop runs out of a popular souvenir item.
j. A disgruntled former volunteer attempts to set a fire at the zoo.

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