Vitamin B6 is an organic compound whose deficiency in the human body can cause apathy, irritability, and an in-creased susceptibility to infections. Below is an incomplete Lewis structure, for vitamin B6. Complete the Lewis structure and answer the following questions. [Hint: Vita-min B6 can be classified as an organic compound (a com-pound based on carbon atoms). The majority of Lewis structures for simple organic compounds have all atoms with a formal charge of zero. Therefore, add lone pairs and multiple bonds to the structure below to give each atom a formal charge of zero.]
a. How many σ bonds and π bonds exist in vitamin B6?
b. Give approximate values for the bond angles marked a through g in the structure.
c. How many carbon atoms are sp2 hybridized?
d. How many carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen atoms are sp3 hybridized?
e. Does vitamin B6 exhibit delocalized π bonding? Explain.

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