Question: Volt Gear Inc manufactures power equipment Volt Gear has two primary products generators

Volt-Gear Inc. manufactures power equipment. Volt-Gear has two primary products—generators and air compressors. The following report was prepared by the controller for Volt- Gear senior marketing management for the year ended Dec. 31, 2014:

The marketing management team was concerned that the selling and administrative expenses were not traced to the products. Marketing management believed that some products consumed larger amounts of selling and administrative expense than did other products. To verify this, the controller was asked to prepare a complete product profitability report, using activity-based costing. The controller determined that selling and administrative expenses consisted of two activities: sales order processing and post-sale customer service. The controller was able to determine the activity base and activity rate for each activity, as shown below.

The controller determined the following activity-base usage information about each product:

a. Determine the activity cost of each product for sales order processing and post-sale customer service activities.
b. Use the information in (a) to prepare a complete product profitability report dated for the year ended December 31, 2014. Calculate the gross profit to sales and the income from operations to sales percentages for each product.
c. Interpret the product profitability report. How should management respond to thereport?

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