wDown Town Videos is a chain of 11 video stores scattered throughout a major metropolitan area in the Midwest. The chain started with a single store several years ago and has grown to its present size. Paul Lowes, the owner of the chain, knows that competing with the national chains will require a state-of-the-art movie rental system. You have been asked to develop the system requirements for the new system.
1. A domain model class diagram.
2. A use case diagram. Analyze user functions. Also do a CRUD analysis based on the class diagram.
3. An activity diagram for each of the use cases that involve renting and checking in movies, and each of the use cases that maintain customer and family member information.
4. A system sequence diagram for each of the use cases from problem 3.
5. A state machine diagram identifying the possible states (status conditions) for a physical copy of a movie, based on the use case descriptions provided earlier in the chapter and your knowledge of how a video store might work.

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