We now use data from the Human Development data file on cell phones use and Internet use for 39 countries.
a. The MINITAB output below shows a scatter plot. Describe it in terms of (i) identifying the response variable and the explanatory variable, (ii) indicating whether it shows a positive or a negative association, and (iii) describing the variability of Internet use values for nations that are close to 0 on cell phone use.
b. Identify the approximate x - and y -coordinates for a nation that has less Internet use than you would expect, given its level of cell phone use.
c. The prediction equation is ŷ = 1.27 + 0.475x. Describe the relationship by noting how yn changes as x increases from 0 to 90, which are roughly its minimum and maximum.
d. For the United States, x = 45.1 and y = 50.15. Find its predicted Internet use and residual. Interpret the large positive residual.

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