Question: We return to Denise our hopeful millionaire from Chapter 4

We return to Denise, our hopeful millionaire from Chapter 4 (Example 4.3) and this chapter (Example 5.2). In Chapter 4, Denise was putting away $5,000 per year at the end of each year at 6% interest, with the expectation that in forty-four years she would be a millionaire. If Denise switches to a monthly savings plan and puts one-twelfth of the $5,000 away each month ($416.66), how much will she have in forty-four years at the 6% APR? Why is it more than the $1,000,000 goal? In this chapter, Denise was putting away $546.23 for thirty years at 9% to become a millionaire. Why does it take more per month when she is putting money away at 9% than when she was earning a lower rate of 6% over the forty-four years?

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