Website administrators sometimes use analysis tools or service providers to “track” the movements of visitors to the various portions of their site. Overall, the administrator of a political action website has found that 35% of the visitors who visit the “Environmental Issues” page go on to visit the “Here’s What You Can Do” page. In an effort to increase this rate, the administrator places a photograph of an oil-covered sea otter on the Issues page. Of the next 300 visitors to the Issues page, 40% also visit the Can Do page. The data are in file XR10078, coded as 1 = did not go on to visit Can Do page and 2 = went on to visit Can Do page. At the 0.05 level, is the 40% rate significantly greater than the 35% that had been occurring in the past, or might this higher rate be simply due to chance variation? Identify and interpret the p-value for the test.

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