Weenies and Buns is a food processing plant which manufactures hot dogs and hot dog buns. They grind their own flour for the hot dog buns at a maximum rate of 200 pounds per week. Each hot dog bun requires 0.1 pound of flour. They currently have a contract with Pigland, Inc., which specifies that a delivery of 800 pounds of pork product is delivered every Monday. Each hot dog requires ¼ pound of pork product. All the other ingredients in the hot dogs and hot dog buns are in plentiful supply. Finally, the labor force at Weenies and Buns consists of 5 employees working full time (40 hours per week each). Each hot dog requires 3 minutes of labor, and each hot dog bun requires 2 minutes of labor. Each hot dog yields a profit of $0.88, and each bun yields a profit of $0.33.
Weenies and Buns would like to know how many hot dogs and how many hot dog buns they should produce each week so as to achieve the highest possible profit.
(a) Formulate a linear programming model for this problem.
D, I (b) Use the graphical method to solve this model.

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