Question: Weinstein Inc orders four Lear jets from Johnson Aerospace Co

Weinstein, Inc. orders four Lear jets from Johnson Aerospace Co., for an agreed price of $295,000 per jet. The contract for the purchase of the jets is 10 pages long, with complete specifications as to instrumentality, capacity, interior decor, etc. When Weinstein gets ready to sign the contract, it notices that the color for the cloth on one jet's seats is "#301, Meadow Green." The color is supposed to be "#306 Forest Green." Weinstein calls Johnson and discusses the matter and signs the contracts after Johnson said the seats would be "Forest Green." Satisfied that the seats would be the correct color, Weinstein signs the contracts as is, and does not note the change on the contract. When the jets are delivered, the seats are "Meadow Green" not Forest Green." When Weinstein sues Johnson, what happens?

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