Wendy Ellis operates a wholesale computer center. The account balances as of October 1, 201X, are as follows. If using working papers, be sure to put in beginning balances.

Your tasks are to do the following:
1. Journalize the following transactions.
2. Record to the accounts payable subsidiary ledger and post to the general ledger as appropriate.
3. Prepare a schedule of accounts payable.
Oct. 1 Paid half the amount owed Hitch Co. from previous purchases of appliances on account, less a 5% purchases discount, check no. 21.
3 Bought a delivery truck for $9,500 cash, check no. 22, payable to Bill Brown Co.
6 Bought computer merchandise from Lectro Co., check no. 23, $2,600.
18 Bought additional computer merchandise from Proton Co., check no. 24, $900.
24 Paid Zeke Co. the amount owed, less a 5% purchases discount, check no. 25.
28 Paid rent expense to Prince’s Realty Trust, check no. 26, $1,700.
29 Paid utilities expense to Pumice Utility Co., check no. 27, $290.
30 Paid half the amount owed Seakale Co., no discount, check no.28.

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