Wesley Roberts the Human Resources director at Elwes Limited was
Wesley Roberts, the Human Resources director at Elwes Limited, was concerned about the lack of commitment he perceived in many of the company employees. Employee turnover was high, as were recruitment costs. Wesley felt that if employees were more engaged, that is, committed to the mission of the company, they would not quit and performance would improve. He presented his concerns at a recent strategy development session, and the human resources group identified the following objectives:
• Implement recruitment management system.
• Train all managers in performance management.
• Achieve organization's EBIT.
• Reduce time needed to hire a candidate.
• Train all HR staff on links between employee engagement and performance management.
• Improve employee engagement.
• Contain organizational recruitment cost.
• Reduce cost to hire a candidate.
• Educate all managers on new hiring process.
• Reduce employee-initiated turnover.
• Implement performance management program.

a. Using these objectives, construct a strategy map for the Human Resources department.
b. Using your strategy map, develop a balanced scorecard for the Human Resources department.

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