West Gorham High School is to be located at the population center of gravity of three communities: Westbrook, population 16,000; Scarborough, population 22,000; and Gorham, population 36,500. Westbrook is located at 43.6769˚N, 70.3717˚W; Scarborough is located at 43.5781˚N, 70.3222˚W; and Gorham is located at 43.6795˚N, 70.4447˚W.
a. Where should West Gorham High School be located?
b. If only two pieces of adequate land are available for sale: Baker’s Field at 43.6784˚N, 70.3827˚W; or Lonesome Acres at 43.5119˚N, 70.3856˚W, using rectilinear distances, which is closer to the site located in part (a)?

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