What dollar amount should someone spend on a Valentine’s Day gift for you? The results found by a Greenfield Online survey of 653 respondents are pictured in the accompanying graphic. Random samples were selected in central New York State with the following results.
a. Construct a histogram and find the mean and standard deviation for each set of central New York State data.
b. Do the shapes of “amounts spent” suggested by males and females in central New York State appear to be similar in shape? Center? Spread? Discuss your responses.
c. Is it possible that both of the samples were drawn from normal populations? Justify your answer.
d. Is the mean amount stated by women statistically greater than the mean amount stated by men? Use a = 0.05
e. Is there sufficient evidence to show that the standard deviations of these two samples are statistically different? Use a = 0.05.
f. Explain how your answers to parts b–e now affect your thoughts about your answer to part a.

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