Question: What evidence i e physical documentary and observational could be collected

What evidence (i.e., physical, documentary, and observational) could be collected to determine whether the valuation is correct? How could you go about collecting this evidence?
Assume for a moment that the valuation is correct. What other sources of money could Cary have to maintain his family’s lifestyle? How would you test your theories?
Cary and Elle Bronson had been married for 15 years when trouble arose in their marriage. Cary’s long hours of working had taken a toll on it; he was rarely around even for family functions. The last straw came when Elle found lipstick on the collar of Cary’s shirt and the unmistakable scent of a very expensive woman’s perfume; this wasn’t the first time she had noticed the telltale signs of what appeared to be a clandestine affair. The next day, Elle visited an attorney to begin divorce proceedings. After some small talk, the attorney, Mark Smithson, asked Elle about the major assets accumulated during the marriage.

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