What is the age gender and ethnic composition of U
What is the age, gender, and ethnic composition of U. S. college students? As background for its 1995 study of college students and their risk behaviors, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention collected selected demographic data— age, gender, and ethnicity— about college students. A report on the 1995 National Health Risk Behavior Survey can be found at the CDC website by going directly to http:// www. cdc.gov/ mmwr/ preview/ http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/00049859.htm. This report includes a large number of tables, the first of which summarizes the demographic information for the sample of n 4609 college students. An excerpt from Table 1 is given on the right. Using conditional probabilities, discuss
( a) the dependence between age and gender and
( b) the dependence between age and ethnicity for U. S. college students. DS CDCData
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