Question: What is the consolidated total of non controlling interest appearing on

What is the consolidated total of non-controlling interest appearing on the balance sheet?
a. $85,500.
b. $83,100.
c. $87,000.
d. $70,500.

Use the following data for problem

On January 1, Jarel acquired 80 percent of the outstanding voting stock of Suarez for $260,000 cash consideration. The remaining 20 percent of Suarez had an acquisition-date fair value of $65,000. On January 1, Suarez possessed equipment (5-year life) that was undervalued on its books by $25,000. Suarez also had developed several secret formulas that Jarel assessed at $50,000. These formulas, although not recorded on Suarez’s financial records, were estimated to have a 20-year future life. As of December 31, the financial statements appeared as follows:

During the year, Jarel bought inventory for $80,000 and sold it to Suarez for $100,000. Of these goods, Suarez still owns 60 percent on December31.

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