Question: What is the objective of financial reporting For each of

'What is the objective of financial reporting? For each of the situations discussed below, explain the qualitative characteristics of financial information that help provide decision-useful information to users.
(a) Marcus Corp. has a management bonus plan based on net income. Marcus records revenue only after the risks and rewards of ownership of the goods it sells have passed to the customer.
(b) Sosa Ltd. is a real estate company that holds land for eventual sale to developers. Sosa provides fair value information on its property holdings to its users.
(c) Mohawk Inc. has entered into a rental agreement that will eventually transfer ownership of the manufacturing equipment to Mohawk at the end of three years. Irrespective of the legal documentation, Mohawk will account for this transaction based on its economic impact to the company.
(d) Standard setters must ensure that accounting standards do not favour one set of users over another or one industry over another.

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