What motivates someone to pursue the study of medicine A
What motivates someone to pursue the study of medicine? A student’s interest and motivation to study medicine can depend on the strength of motivation and career-related values and approaches to learning. Validated and reliable questionnaires Were used to obtain data from 116 first-year medical students. This study found no differences in strength of motivation based on sex, nationality, or age. It did find that the motivation to enter medical school was based on interpersonal factors such as wanting to help people, being respected and successful, and fulfilling a sense of achievement. Students motivated to perform better were driven either by positive selfesteem or by perceiving medicine as a means of enhancing their social status. Students who set their own goals and work toward these goals are more likely to succeed. A regression analysis for predicting motivation score is shown below.
a. Find the equation relating predicted motivation score to the explanatory factors listed.
b. Interpret the signs of the coefficients in the equation for each of the explanatory variables as the explanatory variable relates to motivation.
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