Question: What principle s from the conceptual framework does Hen day Limited

What principle(s) from the conceptual framework does Hen day Limited use in each of the following situations?
(a) Henday includes the activities of its subsidiaries in its financial statements.
(b) Henday was involved in litigation with Kinshasa Ltd. over a product malfunction. This litigation is disclosed in the financial statements.
(c) Henday allocates the cost of its tangible assets over the period when it expects to receive revenue from these assets.
(d) Henday records the purchase of a new packaging machine at its cash equivalent price.
(e) Henday prepares quarterly financial statements for its users.
(f) In preparing its financial statements, Henday assesses its ability to continue to operate for the foreseeable future.
(g) Henday records revenue when risks and rewards are passed to the purchaser.
(h) Henday records its agricultural inventory at fair value. The company feels that this market-based value is more relevant, objective, and verifiable.

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