What was the average price of a room at two star, three star, and four star hotels around the world during the first half of 2013? The file Hotel Prices contains the prices in English pounds, (about US$ 1.52 as of July 2013). (Data extracted from “Hotel Price Index, ”press . hotels. com/ content/blogs.dir/13/.hotels. Complete the following for the two-star, three-star, and four-star hotels:
a. Construct a frequency distribution and a percentage distribution.
b. Construct a histogram and a percentage polygon.
c. Construct a cumulative percentage distribution and plot a cumulative percentage polygon (ogive).
d. What conclusions can you reach about the cost of two star, three star, and four star hotels?
e. Construct separate scatter plots of the cost of two-star hotels versus three-star hotels, two-star hotels versus four-star hotels.
f. What conclusion can you reach about the relationship of the price of two-star, and hour-star hotels?

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