When we last visited the Thorndikes one of the company s
When we last visited the Thorndikes, one of the company’s engineers had just developed a new golf ball. According to the engineer, the new ball incorporates some changes that may enable it to travel farther than conventional golf balls. The engineer, an avid golfer herself, is very excited about the prospect that she may have developed an innovation that could revolutionize the game of golf. Old Luke says he will be happy only if the new ball revolutionizes his company’s net profits.
1. For the 25 drives made with the new balls, calculate statistics that you think would be appropriate in describing the central tendency and the dispersion of the data.
2. Repeat part 1 for the 25 drives made with the conventional golf balls.
3. Ted wants to write a one-paragraph memo to Luke describing the results as they are reflected in parts 1 and 2, but he had to fly to New York this morning. Help Ted by writing a first draft for him. Keep in mind that Luke app reciates plain English, so try to use your own words whenever possible.
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