Where do Americans tend to fall on the conservative liberal political
Where do Americans tend to fall on the conservative–liberal political spectrum? The General Social Survey asks, “I’m going to show you a seven-point scale on which the political views that people might hold are arranged from extremely liberal, point 1, to extremely conservative, point 7. Where would you place yourself on this scale?” The table shows the seven-point scale and the distribution of 1933 responses for a recent survey (2008).
This is a categorical scale with ordered categories, called an ordinal scale. Ordinal scales are often treated in a quantitative manner by assigning scores to the categories and then using numerical summaries such as the mean and standard deviation.
a. Using the scores shown in the table, the mean for these data equals 4.11. Using the reasoning from Example 12, set up the way this would be calculated.
b. Identify the mode (or modal category).
c. In which category does the median fall? Why?
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