Question: Which element s of Carter s taxonomy apply to each of the

Which element(s) of Carter’s taxonomy apply to each of the following situations? If more than one category applies, explain why.
a. A bookkeeper steals cash as it comes into the company. The bookkeeper later falsifies accounting entries using general ledger software to cover the trail.
b. A bored teenager initiates a denial-of-service attack on his Internet service provider’s information system.
c. A disgruntled employee uses a previously installed “back door” into an information system to lock out other users by changing their passwords.
d. A gang of criminals breaks into a local retail store. They steal all the store’s computers and then later hack into them for the purpose of identity theft.
e. A pair of computer criminals uses e-mail to contact victims for an illegal pyramid scheme. They use money from new investors, rather than profits, to pay off old investors, keeping most of the money themselves.
f. A recently fired employee laid the groundwork for corporate espionage by installing spy-ware on the company’s network.
g. A student discovers the password to his university’s information system. He then hacks the system to change grades for himself and his friends.
h. A woman impersonates her wealthy employer, stealing personal information about the employer from her bank’s information system.

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