Question: Which of the following activities will affect a bank s required

Which of the following activities will affect a bank’s required reserves?
a. The local Girl Scout troop collects coins and currency to buy a new camping stove. The troop deposits $ 250 in coins and opens a small time deposit.
b. You decide to move $ 200 from your MMDA to your NOW account.
c. You sell your car to the teller at your bank for $ 5,000. The teller pays with a check drawn on the bank, and you deposit the check immediately into your checking account at the bank.
d. The local university takes one- half of the fall tuition receipts and buys a three-month CD.
e. Ford Motor Company opens an assembly plant outside town and opens a checking account at the local bank for $ 100,000 with a check drawn on its bank in Detroit.

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