Which of the following are binomial experiments or can be reduced to binomial experiments?
a. Surveying 100 people to determine if they like Sudsy Soap Yes
b. Tossing a coin 100 times to see how many heads occur Yes
c. Drawing a card with replacement from a deck and getting a heart Yes
d. Asking 1000 people which brand of cigarettes they smoke No
e. Testing four different brands of aspirin to see which brands are effective No
f. Testing one brand of aspirin by using 10 people to determine whether it is effective Yes
g. Asking 100 people if they smoke Yes
h. Checking 1000 applicants to see whether they were admitted to White Oak College Yes
i. Surveying 300 prisoners to see how many different crimes they were convicted of No
j. Surveying 300 prisoners to see whether this is their first offense Yes

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