Question: While at a Dillard s department store that was located in

While at a Dillard's department store that was located in a shopping mall, Lakesha Millbrook tried on a pair of jeans. She decided not to purchase that pair, but she eventually purchased a different pair and then proceeded to another area of the store to wait on a friend. Shortly thereafter, Millbrook and her companion exited Dillard's and entered the public area of the mall. A security officer wearing a police uniform (because he was an off-duty police officer retained by Dillard's) then approached Millbrook, grabbed her shoulder, and stated that Millbrook needed to come back to Dillard's with him. The officer accompanied Millbrook to the store. The officer and a Dillard's employee then escorted Millbrook into a room. Millbrook's friend tried to join them, but the officer would not let him do so. Once they were in the room, the officer stated that Millbrook was responsible for a missing pair of jeans.
Millbrook informed them that she had purchased a pair of jeans and offered her receipt as evidence. According to Millbrook, the officer, without looking at her receipt, searched her bag before he left the room. When the officer left the room, he stood outside the room in front of the door. The Dillard's employee remained inside the room with Millbrook. After roughly 20 minutes, the officer came back into the room and told Millbrook that she was free to leave. According to Millbrook, the incident caused her to start crying because she was hurt and embarrassed. Furthermore, she stated that she had done considerable crying at nights and had become fearful of being wrongly approached or accused. Millbrook missed no work as a result of the incident. Nor did she see any doctors, psychologists, therapists, or counselors as a result of the incident. Millbrook later sued Dillard's, bringing claims for assault, battery, and false imprisonment.
Dillard's moved for summary judgment. How did the court rule in regard to each of Millbrook's claims?

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