Question: Who says that the more you spend on a wristwatch

Who says that the more you spend on a wristwatch, the more accurately the watch will keep time? Some say that you can now buy a quartz watch for less than $25 that keeps time just as accurately as watches that cost four times as much. Suppose the average accuracy for all watches being sold today, regardless of price, is within 19.8 seconds per month with a standard deviation of 9.1 seconds. A random sample of 36 quartz watches priced less than $25 is taken, and their accuracy check reveals a sample mean error of 22.7 seconds per month. Based on this evidence, complete the hypothesis test of Ho µ = 20 vs Ha: µ = 20 at the 0.05 level of significance using the probability-value approach.
a. Define the parameter.
b. State the null and alternative hypotheses.
c. Specify the hypothesis test criteria.
d. Present the sample evidence.
e. Find the probability distribution information.
f. Determine the results.

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