Question: Whole Goodness Bakery needs to determine the cost of two

Whole Goodness Bakery needs to determine the cost of two work orders for the month of June. Work order 215 is for 2,400 packages of dinner rolls, and work order 216 is for 2,800 loaves of multigrain bread. Dinner rolls are mixed and cut into individual rolls before being baked and then packaged. Multigrain loaves are mixed and shaped before being baked, sliced, and packaged. The following information applies to work order 215 and work order 216:

Selected budget information for June follows:

Budgeted conversion costs for each operation for June follow: Mixing $ 18,080 Shaping 3,250 Cutting 1,440 Baking 14,690 Slicing 1,300 Packaging 16,950

1. Using budgeted number of packages as the denominator, calculate the budgeted conversion-cost rates for each operation.
2. Using the information in requirement 1, calculate the budgeted cost of goods manufactured for the two June work orders.
3. Calculate the cost per package of dinner rolls and multigrain loaves for work order 215 and216.

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