Question: Why do employees blow the whistle on other employees for

Why do employees “blow the whistle” on other employees for unethical or illegal behavior? One study conducted by the AICPA reported the likelihood that employees would blow the whistle on another employee for such things as unsafe working conditions, unsafe products, and poorly managed operations. On a scale from 1 to 7, with 1 denoting highly improbable and 7 denoting highly probable, unnecessary purchases received a 5.72 in the study. Suppose this study was administered at a company and then all employees were subjected to a one-month series of seminars on reasons to blow the whistle on fellow employees. One month later the study was administered again to the same employees at the company in an effort to determine whether the treatment had any effect. The following Excel output shows the results of the study. What were the sample sizes? What might the hypotheses have been?
If α = .05 what conclusions could be made? Which of the statistical tests presented in this chapter is likely to have been used? Assume that differences in scores are normallydistributed.

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