Question: Wildlife populations are monitored with aerial photographs The number of animals

Wildlife populations are monitored with aerial photographs.The number of animals and their locations relative to areas inhabited by the human population are useful information. Sometimes it is possible to monitor the physical characteristics of the animals. The length of an alligator can be estimated quite accurately from aerial photographs, but its weight cannot.The following data are the lengths, x (in inches), and weights, y (in pounds), of alligators captured in central Florida and can be used to predict the weight of an alligator based on its length.
a. Construct a scatter diagram for length, x, and weight, y.
b. Does it appear that the weight of an alligator is predictable from its length? Explain.
c. Is the relationship linear?
d. Explain why the line of best fit, as described in this chapter, is not adequate for estimating weight based on length.
e. Find the value of the linear correlation coefficient.
f. Explain why the value of r can be so high for a set of data that is so obviously not linear in nature.

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