Question: William Elias was the former owner of Direct Lending a

William Elias was the former owner of Direct Lending, a subprime mortgage company purchased by EA Management. Sometime after the sale, Elias went to Chase Bank and had three cashier's checks drawn to third parties and payable out of Direct Lending accounts in the amount of $191,251.31. When the new owners of Direct Lending checked their account balances online, they discovered the withdrawal for the three cashier's checks. The treasurer went to the bank and stopped payment on all three cashier's checks. Elias brought suit against the bank for wrongful dishonor and consequential damages to his businesses as a result of the dishonor. Can Elias recover? Be sure to explain which Article 4 provisions apply and why. [EA Management v. JP Morgan Chase, N.A., 655 F.3d 573 (6th Cir.)]

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