Question: Williams 400 Company a publicly traded company recently issued an

Williams 400 Company, a publicly traded company, recently issued an RFP for quarterly reviews and the annual audit. The company is generally perceived to be a desirable client and expected to be an extremely profitable for whichever firm lands the engagement. Shapiro, LLP, a public accounting firm, wishes to propose for the Williams 400 Co. engagement.

a. What are potential sources Shapiro, LLP can utilize to gather information about Williams 400 Company?
b. After researching the company, what should Shapiro, LLP consider concerning the staffing needs of the audit?
c. If Shapiro, LLP determines that Williams 400 Company falls within a suitable level of risk, expected engagement profitability, and that the firm has sufficient staff to perform the engagement, what are the next steps in the client proposal-acceptance process?

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