Question: Williams was 18 years old when she was admitted to

Williams was 18 years old when she was admitted to Baptist Health Systems for treatment of serious health conditions. The age of majority for contracting in Williams's state was 19. Williams was hospitalized for two days, during which she had a variety of medical procedures and tests. At this time, Williams had been admitted to college and was awaiting enrollment, did not work, had no source of income, and was dependent on her mother to provide support. According to her, she believed that she was covered by her mother's health insurance, and that is what she told the hospital, but in fact, she was not covered. Williams's mother was listed in the hospital records as "guarantor." The hospital bill was $12,144. Williams's mother did not pay the bill. The hospital sued both Williams and her mother for the principal amount plus interest.
Was Williams legally obligated to pay the bill, despite the fact that she was a minor when the contract was formed?

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