Wilson Corporation reported the following related to property and equipment (all in millions):
From the balance sheets:

From the investing activities section of the 2014 cash flow statement:
Cash used to purchase property and equipment ..... ($2,510)
Proceeds from sale of property and equipment ..... 48
From the 2014 income statement:
Depreciation expense ............... $1,546
Gain or loss on the sale of equipment ......... ??

1. Draw T-accounts for Property and Equipment and Accumulated Depreciation. Enter information as presented and solve for the unknown in each account.
2. Based on your calculations in requirement 1, calculate the book value of assets sold during 2014. What is the difference between the sales price and the book value?
3. Prepare the journal entry for the sale of property and equipment during 2014. Describe the effect of this transaction on the financial statements. Compare the sales price and the book value in the journal entry, and compare this to the difference you calculated in requirement 2; describe briefly.
4. Prepare a T-account for Property and Equipment, Net. Repeat requirement1.

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