Question: With reference to Example 13 1 verify that the P value corresponding

With reference to Example 13.1, verify that the P-value corresponding to the observed value of the test statistic is 0.0046.
Example 13.1
Suppose that it is known from experience that the standard deviation of the weight of 8- ounce packages of cookies made by a certain bakery is 0.16 ounce. To check whether its production is under control on a given day, that is, to check whether the true average weight of the packages is 8 ounces, employees select a random sample of 25 packages and find that their mean weight is  = 8.091 ounces. Since the bakery stands to lose money when µ > 8 and the customer loses out when µ < 8, test the null hypothesis µ = 8 against the alternative hypothesis µ ≠ 8 at the 0.01 level of significance.

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