Question: With reference to Exercise 13 40 test at the 0 10 level

With reference to Exercise 13.40, test at the 0.10 level of significance whether it is reasonable to assume that the two populations sampled have equal variances.
In Exercise
To find out whether the inhabitants of two South Pacific islands may be regarded as having the same racial ancestry, an anthropologist determines the cephalic indices of six adult males from each island, getting 1 = 77.4 and 2 = 72.2 and the corresponding standard deviations s1 = 3.3 and s2 = 2.1. Use the four steps on page 354 and the 0.01 level of significance to see whether the difference between the two sample means can reason-ably be attributed to chance. Assume that the populations sampled are normal and have equal variances.

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