Women have head circumferences that are normally distributed with a mean of 22.65 in. and a standard deviation of 0.80 in. (based on data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey).
a. If the Hats by Leko Company produce women’s hats so that they fit head circumferences between 21.00 in. and 25.00 in., what percentage of women can fit into these hats?
b. If the company wants to produce hats to fit all women except for those with the smallest 2.5% and the largest 2.5% head circumferences, what head circumferences should be accommodated?
c. If 64 women are randomly selected, what is the probability that their mean head circumference is between 22.00 in. and 23.00 in.? If this probability is high, does it suggest that an order for 64 hats will very likely fit each of 64 randomly selected women? Why or why not?

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