Wonderland Preschool operates a not for profit morning preschool Each family pays
Wonderland Preschool operates a not-for-profit morning preschool. Each family pays a non- refundable registration fee of $100 per child per school year. Monthly tuition for the eight- month school year varies depending on the number of days per week that the child attends preschool. The monthly tuition is $130 for the two-day program, $150 for the three-day program, $175 for the four-day program, and $190 for the five-day program. The following enrolment has been projected for the coming year:
Two-day program: 80 children............ Four-day program: 54 children
Three-day program: 42 children.......... Five-day program: 12 children
In addition to the morning preschool, Wonderland Preschool offers a Lunch Bunch program where kids have the option of staying an extra hour for lunch and playtime. Wonderland Preschool charges an additional $3 per child for every Lunch Bunch attended. Historically, half the children stay for Lunch Bunch an average of 15 times a month.
Calculate Wonderland Preschool’s budgeted revenue for the school year.
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