Workers specified as actively disengaged are those who are emotionally disconnected from their work and workplace. A Gallup poll conducted in December 2010 5 surveyed individuals who were either unemployed or who were actively disengaged in their current position. Individuals were asked to classify themselves as thriving or struggling. The poll reported that 42% of the actively disengaged group claimed to be thriving, compared to 48% of the unemployed group.
a. Are these percentages (probabilities) ordinary or conditional? Explain, by specifying events to which the probabilities refer.
b. Of the individuals polled, 1266 were unemployed and 400 were actively disengaged. Create a contingency table showing counts for job status and self-classification.
c. Create a tree diagram such that the first branching represents job status and the second branching represents self-classification. Be sure to include the appropriate percentages on each branch.

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