Question: Wowk Manufacturing has a current ratio of 3 1 on December

Wowk Manufacturing has a current ratio of 3:1 on December 31, 2014. Indicate whether each of the following transactions would increase (+), decrease (–), or have no effect (NA) on Wowk’s current ratio and its working capital.

a. Paid cash for a trademark.
b. Wrote off an uncollectible account receivable.
c. Sold equipment for cash.
d. Sold merchandise at a profit (cash).
e. Declared a cash dividend.
f. Purchased inventory on account.
g. Scrapped a fully depreciated machine (no gain or loss).
h. Issued a stock dividend.
i. Purchased a machine with a long-term note.
j. Paid a previously declared cash dividend.
k. Collected accounts receivable.
l. Invested in current marketable securities.

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