Question: Xeriscape Nurseries Inc has four divisions The corporation s controller has

Xeriscape Nurseries, Inc., has four divisions. The corporation’s controller has been asked to prepare a cash budget for the Northern Division for the first quarter. Projected data supporting this budget follow.

Collection records of accounts receivable have shown that 40 percent of all credit sales are collected in the month of sale, 50 percent in the month following the sale, and 8 percent in the second month following the sale; 2 percent of the sales are uncollectible. All purchases are paid for in the month of the purchase. Salaries and wages are projected to be $25,000 in January, $33,000 in February, and $21,000 in March. Estimated monthly costs are utilities, $4,220; collection fees, $1,700; rent, $5,300; equipment depreciation, $5,440; supplies, $2,480; small tools, $3,140; and miscellaneous, $1,900. Each of the corporation’s divisions maintains a $10,000 minimum cash balance and can borrow from the bank in multiples of $100, as needed. As of December 31, the Southern Division had a cash balance of $10,000.

1. Prepare a monthly cash budget for Xeriscape Nurseries’ Northern Division for the first quarter.
2. Should Xeriscape Nurseries anticipate taking out a loan for the Northern Division during the quarter? If so, how much should it borrow, andwhen?
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