Question: You are a manager for the CPA firm of Dewey

You are a manager for the CPA firm of Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe (DC&H). While reviewing your staff’s audit work papers for the state welfare agency, you find that the test data approach was used to test the agency’s accounting software. A duplicate program copy, the welfare accounting data file obtained from the computer operations manager and the test transaction data file that the welfare agency’s programmers used when the program was written were processed on DC&H’s home office computer. The edit summary report listing no errors was included in the working papers, with a notation by the senior auditor that the test indicates good application controls. You note that the quality of the audit conclusions obtained from this test is flawed in several respects, and you decide to ask your subordinates to repeat the test.

Identify three existing or potential problems with the way this test was performed. For each problem, suggest one or more procedures that might be performed during the revised test to avoid flaws in the audit conclusions.

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