Question: You are assigned to review the documentation of a data

You are assigned to review the documentation of a data processing function.

a. List three advantages of adequate documentation for a data processing function.
b. Following are two columns of information. The first column lists six categories of documentation, and the second column lists 18 elements of documentation related to the categories. Match each of the elements of documentation with the category in which it should be found. List letters A through F on your answer sheet. After each letter, list the numbers of the elements that best apply to that category. Use every element, but none more than once.
a. Systems documentation
b. Program documentation
c. Operations documentation
d. User documentation
e. Library documentation
f. Data entry documentation
1. Flowcharts showing the flow of information
2. Procedures needed to balance, reconcile, and maintain overall control
3. Storage instructions
4. Contents and format of data to be captured
5. Constants, codes, and tables
6. Verification procedures
7. Logic diagrams and/ or decision tables
8. Report distribution instructions
9. Messages and programmed halts
10. Procedures for backup files
11. Retention cycle
12. Source statement listings
13. Instructions to show proper use of each transaction
14. A complete history from planning through installation
15. Restart and recovery procedures 16. Rules for handling blank spaces
17. Instructions to ensure the proper completion of all input forms
18. List of programs in a system

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