You are competing in a swimming race that has eight
You are competing in a swimming race that has eight contestants starting at the same time, one per lane. Two of your friends are in the race as well. The eight lanes are assigned to the eight swimmers at random, but you hope that you and your two friends will be in three adjacent lanes. You plan to simulate 100 races to estimate the probability that you and your friends will be assigned to three adjacent lanes. For parts (a) to (e), specify what you would answer for each of the questions to accomplish this simulation using
a. How many sets of numbers do you want to generate? * b. How many numbers per set?
c. Number range (e. g., 1– 50).
d. Do you wish each number in a set to remain unique? * e. Do you wish to sort the numbers that are generated?
f. Once you had the results of the simulation, how would you use them to estimate the desired probability?
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