You are compiling the consolidated financial statements for Vu Corporation International (VCI), a public company. The corporation’s accountant, Timothy Chow, has provided you with the following segment information.
Note 7: Major Segments of Business
VCI conducts funeral service and cemetery operations in Canada and the United States. Substantially all revenues of VCI’s major segments of business are from unaffiliated customers. Segment information for fiscal 2011, 2010, and 2009, follows:
Determine which of the segments must be reported separately and which can be combined under the category “Other.” Then write a one-page memo to the company’s accountant, Timothy Chow, that explains all of the following:
(a) Which segments must be reported separately and which ones can be combined
(b) Which criteria you used to determine the reportable segments
(c) What major items must be disclosed for each segment?

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