You are considering making a contribution to the Sierra Club Foundation. However, as an accountant you decide to conduct “due diligence” related to the efficiency and effectiveness of the Sierra Club before making your contribution. You are aware of two Web sites that can assist you in your research; the first is operated by the American Institute of Philanthropy (, and the other is operated by the Better Business Bureau (

a. What grade (or rating) did the Sierra Club Foundation receive from the American Institute of Philanthropy (AIP)? What criteria are used by AIP in assigning grades? Interpret the grade received by the Sierra Club.
b. Does the Sierra Club Foundation meet the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) standards for charity accountability? Why or why not?
c. Using the BBB Web site, provide statistics on the Sierra Club’s program effectiveness and fund-raising efficiency.
d. Based on your answers to parts a–c, does it appear the Sierra Club is efficient and effectiveness?

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